Being Thankful for The Past (Part 1)

Our past. Some people run from it. Some people try to hide it. Some people try to hide from it. But maybe this year, we should simply be thankful for it.

This year, as we approach Thanksgiving and reflect on what it is to be thankful and what we have to be thankful for, maybe our past should be high on that list.

Not all pasts are bright and shiny. Not all pasts are suitable for putting into frames and putting up on the living room wall. And we certainly shouldn't misinterpret "being thankful" for our pasts to be the same as being proud of them, but here's one thing we should understand: if you have one it means you're no longer in it.

This means, on some level, you have come through it! And that, more often than not, is reason for thankfulness.

Maybe a key to be thankful this year is not avoiding our pasts, but rather reflecting on it. Reflecting on what we've been through. Taking stock of where we've come from...and where we're going. Celebrating the victories; even those that have been hard fought; even those that have left scars.

The nice thing about a past, no matter how ugly, is that its always behind us. And that is a reason to be thankful.


by Michael Holmes

Lead Pastor