Dessert, Dessert and More Dessert

I'm Just Here For The Dessert

(follow up devotion to Sunday's message: "The House That Stands: The Kitchen")


Ever walked into a restraurant and decided you're just getting dessert? Me too! And here and there it's not big deal, but you can't keep up those eating habits forever.


The thing about desserts is that they're sweet; they generally taste better than everything else so we're drawn to them. But miss too many meals in favor of desserts and you're body will let you know it's unhappy...(and there's a large chance your signficant will too!).


Sometimes, what's easy going down is not always what's best for you. The same is true of our spiritual lives. One of the mistakes we can make is missing "meals" in favor of "desserts". Often we as Christians love to hear words that are sweet to the ears but bristle a bit at the tough stuff, and this can be a problem.


God says what He says for a reason. His word is a balanced "diet".


"I love you...but I also discipline."


"I have mercy for you...but I also judge."


"I am happy to give you Christ's sacrifice...but the cost is your own life."


When we only eat the "desserts" of God's words we limit God to being that Guy that can only say nice things, only talk to us if He is going to say something we want to hear. We effectively make Him into our personal "yes man" entourage.


We'll not only miss a lot of what God is saying like that, but often the very answers to our prayers (which are not magical but often require our cooperation) and the benefits of much of God's intended work in our lives.


Don't be that guy (or girl). Choke down some "vegetables" here and there. Start taking in a balanced diet  and see what that does for your intimacy with God.  The Gospel is "good news" even if it doesn't always taste like it.


By Michael Holmes,

Lead Pastor