Part 1



Why do we gossip you ask? Well we gossip because sometimes when we know more about someone or something that is very confidential we see it as making us powerful; it is information that others don’t have. We think that people will listen to us. If we are jealous of someone and we want what they have, we feel cutting them down helps us. We feed into our self loathing by showing their flaws, their faults, their wrong doings, their imperfections, their judgment for others, their dishonesty, and by doing this we will make them look less important.


If these people have harmed our souls and made us look bad we feel that we have the right to put them down like they did us, that we have the right to get a fair score. We want other people to know why they wronged us and we want other people to pick outside and see that we are the good guy and they are the bad guy. We seem to think when people see us in a good light and see us as superior and when we prove we are right that we gain greater self worth. This is not God, and this not God working in our hearts.


God wants us to love others as ourselves. He does not want us to slander others to gain self worth. He wants us to know that He places us on the earth because He values us, we are have value to Him and to His cause. We are here for Him and for His great good; and in that, to help others. What that means is that we are not on this earth for ourselves. We are not on this earth to find our heart. We are here to find God's heart and help reconcile God's children to Him. Ultimately we learn to love best by observing God's love for us (John 4:19) and when we truly learn God's heart we won’t gossip any more.  Why? Because in His love we will find the worth that God sees in us.


Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions (Proverbs 10:12)


By Melissa Brock