How to Get The Most from your Sundays: GUARD YOUR SUNDAYS

Sundays are special. Sundays are holy in their expression. Guard them. It’s the one day that God says, in effect, “Let all the things of this day, of these moments, be pointed toward Me."


And let's face it, honestly, for most of us Sunday is the one day of the week when our faith is expressed most clearly and our devotion demonstrated most pointedly.


So guard 'em. If you want to get the most out of your Sunday start by guarding it. Make them special. Show God their special.


Certainly there will be days when we simply cannot make it, but make those the exceptions and not the rule.


Too often we take Sundays too lightly. We forget what they’re supposed to mean; that God is looking for us, waiting for us. That maybe we need to say “Thank You”. We forget what the day’s all about. Guard it.


We all want God to show up in our lives and in our days. Maybe we should put showing in His a little higher on the priority list.